Contracting Solutions for Flexible Hiring in Singapore

The idea of workforce flexibility has come into its own as a part of the new normal, triggered by Covid-19, and has accelerated better recognition of the ‘gig economy’ and ‘gig executives’ compared to pre-pandemic. Now, augmenting teams and businesses by recruiting and hiring contract professionals stands out as an ever more appropriate workforce strategy to provide the flexibility to respond to disruptions and quickly correct course with change, creating resiliency.

Hiring contract professionals can add immediate value to your business as they are readily available to hire on a shorter timeframe and can fit seamlessly into your business once hired. It is the most flexible solution to scale your team to match demand at any point in time—for short and long-term requirements like interim roles to projects that need just some extra expertise to keep it on track and on schedule.

Learn JAC Network of professionals

Macro network of contracting professionals means you can benefit from hiring a contractor quickly. Our expansive search-and-selection based model and industry-specific network of contract professionals are vetted by our sector-aligned specialist contract recruitment consultants. This means you have access to a pool of more than 5,000 contractors screened explicitly for your industry. You will find the best-suited contract professionals to match your needs, be they mid-to-senior level professionals, C-level professionals and even regional management candidates.

Besides access to a talent pool specifically for ad-hoc projects and tasks that would otherwise take you away from the core of your business, contracting provides you with a low-risk option for trying out employees in your field. Hiring a contractor allows you to have someone work onsite or offsite, full or part-time, from home or our dedicated location.

Specializations Covered

  • Automotive

  • Banking & Finance

  • Chemical

  • Consumer Goods

  • Digital

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Engineering

  • Finance Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Human Resources

  • Industrial

  • Information Technology

  • Life Sciences

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing, PR & Communications

  • Service Industry